Long Time No Speak

Its been so long since my last blog I bet all my readers think I died and gone to heaven.  We have been busy with the house, the kitchen is now finished, although I am still waiting to get my curtains up that I have had for 7 years now.

I have also been busy on the jewellery front too.  I visit www.jewelrylessons.com quite a lot because of the great tutorials they showcase on their website and I have gone a bit  mad and purchased quite a few to try. Love that site they are always so helpful!

I have also been incorporating polymer clay flowers into my jewellery, which if you don’t know by now anything floral catches my eye and I have to have it. I love Elise Canning’s  flowers, they are created one at a time and they are so tender and life like. Sterling Silver, Amethyst and Plum Blossom Earrings

These sweet flowers are plum blossoms made from pale translucent purple and pink clay. Hand painted  petals and centre. I have complimented them with Fine Silver wire wrapped Amethyst briolettes and suspended them from circular contemporary ear wires. I love their soft pastel colour.

The next pair of earrings were created using the soft pastel green apple blossoms she Prasiolite, Sterling Silver and Sakura Earringscreated using translucent pastel green and pale pink clay and again she has hand painted the petals and centre.  I have complimented these little beauties with green Amethyst  (Prasiolite) elongated triangles (I love that shape) with beautiful faceting and mystic Pink Mystic Topaz micro faceted rondelles. All wire wrapped with Fine Silver wire (99% pure Silver). The earring wires are also hand made.

The next pair of earrings I created from a pair of her daffodils these are I really love because they are so cute and fun. They were created using lemon translucent clay, each petal made one at a time, the raised centers have been hand painted with gold to add just a little sparkle.  All of her beads are varnished to add more definition and shine. With this pair I have wire wrapped a pair of beautiful lemon Topaz briolettes, this pair of Topaz are eye clean AAA quality with gorgeous faceting and they are quite large too at 11-12mm.  The polymer clay beads look quite chunky and heavy but let me tell you they are light weight so no tugging on your ear lobes.Lemon Topaz, Sterling Silver and Spring Daffodil Earrings

Last but by no means least the Orchid pendant. I just wish my photographs were better to show off this beautiful bead but I’m afraid my photography skills leave a lot to be desired (biting the bullet  at the end of a the summer…going to college to learn photography).  The orchid has been created using translucent white and pale orange clay. The tips of the petals are pink ( I dont know how she did that but its a marvel thats for sure).  Added to this various micas to give a gold effect on the petals and of course varnished for extra shine and sparkle.

I complimented this pendant necklace with pale pink Topaz briolettes, Mystic Pink Topaz briolettes, Mystic Pink rondelles and Rose Quartz rondelles all hand wire wrapped onto Fine Silver wire (99% pure Silver).  Then wired them to a Sterling Silver chain.  The fine Silver ball headpins I hand torched myself and they are all suspended from a Sterling Silver bail.

To finish them off I have threaded a hand painted silk ribbon from Kas of Kasbeads, she creates the most wonderful silk ribbons in either block colours or hand painted with either contrasting colours or in this instance light pink going to dark pink.Mystic Pink topaz, Rose Quartz, Pink Orchid and Sterling Silver Pendant The ribbon at the point of the Orchid is probably at its darkest so you cant see the contrasting pinks behind..I think I am going to have to do another photograph to give you a better idea of the colours, but you get the picture.

Oh and before I go I must tell you about when we were last in Portugal, we tend to go out for dinner quite a lot because for one thing we love our food, for another we like to eat only Portuguese food and so tend to go to restaurants that the Portuguese frequent, so the menu is always written in Portuguese, it makes life more fun if you don’t have a clue what will be on your plate.  Well anyway whilst we were there last time we went to a restaurant that we have been to before and we tried a chicken dish with rice.

I have to explain this dish because not being a big lover of chicken it was probably the best chicken I have ever tasted.  The chicken was a large breast, stuffed with a mix of Tahini, Portuguese sausage (this can be quite porky and spicy) and honey.  Then very thin slices on ham cover the chicken in a parcel and then baked in the oven for 16 minutes. It is then brought out of the oven, honey drizzled over it and over this sliced almonds, then put back into the oven for a couple more minutes.  The rice I have no idea how they cooked it but it was light with a slight oily taste and came with walnuts and sultanas.  When we got home from Portugal we tried to make the chicken dish and it was so simple, you just put the sausage, tahini and honey into a food blender to blend it all up, make sure you taste it so you know if its to your taste, I think the tahini tasted like peanut butter but with the sausage and the honey it was a taste delight!

Anyway I think I have written enough for today don’t want to over do it and bore you to tears.  Speak Soon, Di xx


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