A New Range – Sweet Petite’s and Other things

Well firstly I should say Happy New Year to everyone, I have been sick since the New Year with a really bad case of flu! I haven’t had flu for 20 years and so it hit me really hard. I didn’t get out of bed for 6 days which is unheard of. Anyway I’m feeling a lot better now and so I thought I had better get on and create something because I have itchy fingers..some of the gemstones I had ordered had arrived and I couldnt wait to make something with them.

The first thing that arrived were some Chrysoprase long trillion stones, so I sat down today and make a pair of earrings using 14kt gold filled wire and 5 of the Chrysoprase trillions to make a flower shape. I wire wrapped them using a weave technique and added tiny 2mm spacers and 5mm saucer beads in Vermeil.

I love this stone, I love the different colour greens from the soft opaque minty green to the apple green. These have beautiful sandy inclusions which to me adds authenticity to the stones.

I also wire wrapped in Sterling Silver some Rutilated Quartz that I purchased a while back. I still has some briolettes left over so I thought they would be perfect just simply wire wrapped for my new Range of “Sweet Petite’s. I love Rutilated Quartz and these stones are really clean with none of that yellow inclusion you sometimes get with Rutilated Quartz and the black Rutiles look like something drawn in the stone with a black pencil.

I have suddenly got into hand coiling fine Silver wire to form a bail for my earrings. I know anybody can do this but I couldnt until recently when I purchased a tutorial from a great designer called Fee from www.jewelrylessons.com. The tutorial was actually for a wire wrapped butterfly but she had used a hand coiled bail on one of the dangling stones. So I thought what the heck if I buy the whole tutorial and dont use the other parts to make up the butterfly it makes no difference because I will have still learnt how to wire wrap a coiled bail. So at the moment that is what I am doing coiling away to my hearts delight.

I have also used two different wires, gold filled with fine silver coiled over the top and these can be seen in this pair of blue Topaz earrings. The Topaz are sky blue which I love but the stones have been cut in the rare German style and rondelles, these are wide and thin in shape but they are gem quality and I love them. I purchased them from a seller on Etsy and they came with some Rose Quartz, Citrine, Green Amethyst (Prasiolite) and Pink Amethyst all cut in the German Style and they are stunning even if I say so myself. I think the Gold and Silver really do suit these gemstones but maybe I’m biased.

Anyway I can’t show you more because I havent taken any photographs for days because the light has been so bad here. I cant wait to move to Portugal where they don’t suffer from poor light and the sky even when its raining doesn’t stay dark all day.

Tomorrow I shall try to get some photographs of a necklace I created using tiny Lemon Topaz briolettes that I purchased from another seller on Etsy..Her name is Melanie and her Shop is BitsofBrilliance. She has to be the most honest of sellers, you never get any nasty surprises when you buy gemstones from her. She tells it like it is and I have never been disappointed with any of the gemstones that I have purchased from her. Unlike a lot of sellers who say their gemstones are AAAA quality and when they arrive they are awful. I much prefer to know in advance the quality of the stones I am buying rather than them turn up and I am disappointed because there is a fault.

Another seller that I really love is Hilary from www.beadsite.co.uk. Hilary has to be one of the nicest sellers I have come across and she has the widest range of Mikonos Greek beads I have come across. She is so helpful and will always if you have a special set of beads you want order them for you. She is lovely and I love her beads.

Anyway its late here and I need a coffee so I’m off to make one, have a great week and again Happy New Year lets hope its as prosperous as the last one…haha, xxx

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