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Well this is my first time of writing a blog so you will have to forgive me any mistakes. I have been sitting here for weeks thinking I should get around to doing a blog but could think of nothing to say, which is weird because I have always got something to say about most things. Now for most of you who don’t know, I design and create handmade Jewellery which is a big passion for me, however, we are also in the long drawn out process of renovating an old Blacksmiths shop which is roughly 350 years old and lucky for us not listed, it also has various other buildings attached to it that have been added over the years, a 2 up 2 down farm workers cottage, stables and a shoeing room. All of which have been redesigned into other rooms over the years, some usable some not!

Now you might ask what has this to do with designing and making Jewellery? Well nothing actually apart from the fact that my work space is gradually decreasing to the point where I eventually will be sitting with all my beads piled high on my lap trying to wire wrap a briolette one handed whilst juggling a sheet of plasterboard in my other hand. They always say that women can multi task I didn’t realise when we moved here that I would be doing just that.

I didn’t want to write a blog just about Jewellery and what I have created that particular day because that could end up being so boring, so I decided to also write about our antics renovating this house and all the other stuff in between.

We have lived here for 6 years this coming Christmas and we thought when we purchased the house that it would be a quick renovation to finish what other people had started…little did we know…if you ever saw the movie with Tom Hanks in called the “The Money Pit” then you will know what I am talking about, if you haven’t seen it you should its hilarious and that is our house! We thought we had a 3rd of a house to renovate, how naive we were, we will end up renovating the whole house because of the bodge job the sellers builder (I say builder with a dash of sarcasm because you wouldn’t want to know what I really think, its way to rude) did on this poor old house.

Anyway Christmas is coming and I thought this year, I am going to make all the women in the family a piece of jewellery. For my mum I have made a long flapper necklace in Black Onyx and Green Onyx large faceted rondelles wire wrapped to each other in Sterling Silver. After making this really long necklace I had enough of the beautiful semi precious stones to make her a matching bracelet and earrings.

For my youngest sister Lucy I have made her a Titanium druzy pendant and matching earrings again wire wrapped in Sterling Silver. The pendant has been hung on a hand dyed silk ribbon courtesy of Kasbeads who makes the most beautiful ribbons and if my sister doesn’t like it…I am gonna grab it back off her and keep it for myself because those druzy’s are gorgeous and so blingy with purple, cobalt blue, gold, green colours running through it and I love it!

For my mother in law this year (last year she got a pearl and a lampwork heart bead necklace, the lampwork heart was handmade by Aimee Suzanne of Monte Verdi who creates the most fabulous beads) Smoky Quartz faceted briolettes in 3’s like petals with the most beautiful AAAA olive coloured freshwater pearls which have hints of copper and in the centre a chocolate brown with hints of gold AAAA freshwater pearl. Lots of small Karen Hill Tribe stick beads in two different sizes and all suspended from a Sterling Silver chain.

For my bestest friend yes thats right bestest! I have made a necklace using rough hammer faceted semi precious Carnelian rondelles and these are quite a large size. In between these stones more Karen Hill Tribe Silver beads and in between those the most beautiful rough hammer faceted Smoky Quartz. She loves those rough stones because they are so organic in shape and rusty dark orange is her favourite colour so I hope she is gonna love this necklace and that is as far as I have got.

Well I suppose I should go and get dressed because I am sitting here in my pjs still not dressed and the day is getting away from me.

I hope all this will be interesting reading to all you out there, but if its not then perhaps you will enjoy my next installment. Bye bye! xx

P.S. I will put photos up of the Jewellery mentioned in my next blog.

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7 Responses to My First Blog

  1. Thu Faux says:

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    • Diane says:

      Hi Bet365 from Milan, Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog. I’m not sure how it was helpful to you? Are you currently restoring an old house or do you also design and create handcrafted Jewellery?

      Anyway I cant stop, back to the painting. White paint is so hard to paint over especially if the top coat is also white you cant see what you painted before. I shall give up soon because the light has gone.

      Have a great evening, Di xx

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