New Life and the UK

Well this weekend I am off to the UK for probably 2-3 weeks, its really hard to tell exactly how long but I am thinking probably 3 weeks.  Its the longest time I have been away from my husband in all the years we have been together.  However, the newest edition to my family is due sometime in those 2-3 weeks a little boy who’s  name they tell me is Ronnie and I can’t wait to meet him!

I shall be at the birth because my daughter in laws mother died some time ago and I am taking her place.  If I said I was excited that would be an understatement!  I was of course there when my son was born however, it was not the best experience I have ever had in my life…pain like you would not believe, the only two good things to come out of that experience were entonox (gas and air to you and I) and of course my son!  There is nothing like a tank of gas and air!

I recently had to have a tank of gas and air when I pulled my arm out of its socket and boy is that good shit!  I was kind enough to offer my husband some at the hospital but he wasn’t interested, he on the other hand was kind enough to say “No you have it”, how considerate is he!

So next Sunday I fly off to the UK where I believe it is much colder than here in Portugal where we are still wearing Tee-shirts and shorts (well I’m not wearing shorts because I never would expose my legs to the world, that would be cruel and unusual torture).  So its jumpers, cardigans, socks and proper shoes…no open toes for me!

So you probably wont be hearing from me for a couple of weeks but when I get back I am sure I will have photographs to share of the new little person my son and his partner have created!

Speak to you all soon! xxx

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