Small Businesses and SEO Companies

I am writing this blog because I am confused!  Nearly every day I get emails from companies telling me and I quote “That would I like to know that I am number 90000000000000000 in the Google rankings, that my company is not doing well in most social media websites, that my website is not user friendly on mobile devices and so on and so on”!

The only problem I have with these big SEO companies is this, if my site isn’t high enough in the google rankings then how the hell did they find me?  Now I don’t mind the idea of someone else doing all the hard work for me, that would be just fine by me….the big question is this…how much is it going to cost me and that my friends is the bone of contention.  If my company isn’t doing well in the google rankings and if my company is what my company is, a small one person handcrafted jewellery business..then how exactly am I going to afford to pay them the vast amounts of money that they appear to want to do all the hard work for me!  If I am not making any money as they infer then how am I going to pay them?

The problem I find is that google keep changing the goal posts on SEO…2 years ago my website was being found on a regular basis by my customers…now because of google’s PANDA search algorithm which is forever changing with new updates it would be impossible to spend the amount of money I would need to keep up with these changes which makes me think that Google aren’t interested in small businesses because they don’t make them any money, in fact I think that Google are actually making it even harder for small businessES to succeed because of PANDA.  Its not just the idea of PANDA its all the other crap that you have to do to keep up in the rankings….have you been on facebook and updated your page today, have you been twittering (which sounds very much like wittering definition –  to chatter or babble pointlessly or pointless chat), have you pinterested today, have you relisted on etsy, have you instagramed, tumblr, linkedin and have you been on your darn ipad, iphone and all the other crap that everyone thinks you need these days!

I can barely send a text message these days, the phone numbers are so small I need a telescope just to find them on the keyboard let alone do all the other things that I need to keep my website in the top google rankings and while you are doing all of this, plus cleaning the floor with a broom up your bum, when exactly do you get the time to create anything?

Now I admit I am a disorganized person in my mind that is, not in other areas of my life and I do tend to get easily distracted but seriously who has the time to do all of these things and if you don’t have the money to pay these big SEO companies to do this work for you then you are completely up a creek with out a paddle!

I have to say this though my partner has a large foreign exchange business in London and his company has spent a lot of money using several different SEO companies to do their SEO of them over the last few years.  The last company that they had doing their SEO they spent £7,000 per month and did that company bring in any extra business….the answer is a big fat NO!!!!

So then I asked myself what is the point of these SEO companies if after spending a whooping £7,000 a month they hadn’t made 1 iota of different to my husbands business, then how the hell was I going to make out without an SEO company helping me with the rankings and the answer is I’m not.

I don’t own an iphone mainly because I don’t like mobile phones never have, it takes me so long to send a text message that in the end I phone the person because its quicker.  I find them terribly intrusive and I definitely don’t carry mine around with me in my hand like its a piece of jewellery, people trip over, bump into other people because they have their eyes down checking their phones like their life would depend on it!  Now maybe that makes me sound old and decrepid, but I like my life without that added noise, I like looking at people when I’m in conversation with them!

Iphones and mobile phones I have noticed make people even less communicative not more!  I find it really distasteful when someone is sitting talking to you and texting at the same time, because either they aren’t listening to you or they are bored with your conversation and would prefer to carry on a conversation with someone via a text message!  Yes you may be able to get onto your facebook page via you mobile phone but seriously is there something so important on facebook that you need to keep checking it every 5 minutes!!!

Something else I have noticed about mobile phone users which is most of planet these days…do you think that people voices are getting louder or is just me…everyone seems to speaking louder and louder these days…so much so that when you go into a mall or even a restaurant,  it sounds like a herd of animals going down to a watering hole!

Anyway back to the subject of SEO, I am never going to get to grips with SEO, my husband who I might add has this rather large foreign exchange company is also the guy who built their computer system which is massive,  now if he cant get his head around SEO, I have got absolutely no chance and to be honest with you if I read all the information on SEO I think I would lose the will to live!

So there you have it…I am never going to be in the top rankings of google, I dont know if I can ever have a mobile device thingy on my website and I haven’t got time to go onto social media websites because I now spend all my time reading the SEO information on google…oh and keeping up with the upgrades!!!!!



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