Doublets, Doublets and More Doublets

I have recently gone a little crazy over this new trend on doublet gemstones! The most usual stones to be used as doublets are Opals!

Ok I hear you say what is a doublet?  Usually a layer of Opal on the top and a layer of black backing, maybe resin or could be glass or even a colourless Opal, this gives the Opal more vibrancy and depending on the backing makes it darker in appearance. However, over the last couple of years there has been a trend for using different gemstones stones on top with a mother of pearl, black lip oyster shell base, or even an abalone base with a gemstone on top. There has even been doublets created using two different gemstones such as Labradorite and Pink Topaz,  I also have some triplets made from a layer of green Onyx on the bottom, with a layer of Mother of Pearl in the middle and a layer of White Topaz on the very top.

I have created several different designs using these doublets mainly because I went a little crazy over them and purchased several hundred $’s worth of doublets in different designs and totally different stones.  This first photograph shows the first pair I made using these new style doublets.  They are created with a layer of Mother of Pearl on the bottom and a layer of faceted Pink Topaz on the top.  The Pink Topaz mixed with the Mother of Pearl has created an almost purply pink tone and softens the gemstone on top giving it a dreamy effect.  I have added into the mix a beautiful AAA Amethyst rondelle wire wrapped and coiled pink topaz amethyst mop doublet earrings7awith Sterling and Fine Silver wire.

Depending on what direction you look at these doublets will depend on what colour you will see in the stones.  From this point on I was hooked and that’s when the obsession took over and I spent loadsa money on different colours, effects, designs of the actual briolettes.   I couldn’t stop myself I just had to have them!  If you don’t know me by now you won’t know that I get these obsessions, not just with stones but with anything!  Like the time I got into those small Murano glass animals…I ended up buying over 300 of them by time my obsession was over!  They are still packed up in boxes from when we moved into the house in Lincolnshire, now we have nearly sold the house in Lincolnshire and have moved down to Portugal, they are still in boxes never having seen the light of day for over 8 years!

So anyway back to the doublets, the next pair I finished were a pair of Lemon Quartz and Mother of Pearl!  Like little drops of sunshine, I wire wrapped and coiled Sterling and Fine Silveropal and citrine earrings1a and added a tiny Ethiopian Opal to the middle of the briolettes and wire wrapped more of the Opals up the earring wires for added interest.  Ethiopian Opals are again relatively new to the market and a whole other story, they don’t need to be made in doublets because they are so colourful all by themselves!  My photographic skills leave a lot to be desired so you aren’t seeing how beautiful these stones really are, which is a real shame because they are outstanding!

My next dabble into doublet earrings were these Mother of Pearl and White Topaz.  Now these I have to say are fabulous!  The Mother of Pearl gives these earrings a rainbow effect from beneath while the faceted White Topaz really makes these earrings glow from within! Added into the mix a beautiful and large genuine Ruby rondelle with the Gold Vermeil wire and you have a really sophisticated pair of earrings!  Again my apologies for the not so brilliant photographs I need more what is that word…ah yes props.  white topaz mop doublet ruby earrings1a

By the way if you have never heard of Gold Vermiel wire then you should know its usually 24 karat gold plated over Sterling Silver wire as opposed to 14k Gold Filled wire which is 14 karat Gold bonded to a base metal like brass.  I prefer Gold Vermeil wire because if you are allergic to base metals like copper and brass then Gold Vermeil wire is far better to use because you don’t have the allergy problems that come with base metals.  It is more expensive than Gold Filled wire, but still cheaper than real gold, which as we all know the prices of Gold have steadily gone through the roof and so has Sterling Silver.  I would put that firmly at the door of the economy! If house prices fall gold and silver prices rise, not you understand that I am an economist.  So anyway where was I…ah yes the next pair actually there are several other pairs in between, but only two more pairs here and they are my favourites.

This pair well what can I say but stupendous, beautiful, stunning, fabulous ok ok so I going a tad overboard but seriously I really love this pair.  They are Tahitian Black Lip Oyster on the bottom with a layer of faceted dark pink Topaz on top, the colour play of purple, black and dark pink is well hard to describe

pink topaz black lip tahitian doublet rhodolite garnet earrings1aI have wire wrapped and hand coiled gold vermeil wire up each side and formed a bail for them to hang from, added gold vermeil spacers on both sides of the heart shaped briolette doublets and then to finish a beautiful AAA dark Pink Rhodolite Garnet with tiny crisp micro you tell me..aint they beautiful!


The last pair of doublets because I think by now you are getting a little sick of these darn doublets, are a pair of Abalone and White Topaz doublets in the usual teardrop shaped briolette design.  satin topaz abalone apatite doublet earrings5aNow if you can think about Abalone shell and how many colours there are in that one shell, imagine those with a faceted White Topaz on top, but instead of shiny surface instead a faceted White Topaz with a Satin finish.  I couldn’t resist these…they called to me…buy me, buy me, you know you want me!  So I did and I wasn’t disappointed.  I again wire wrapped with Gold Vermeil wire, hand coiled a bail for them to hang from and added in a beautiful Neon Blue Apatite gemstone rondelle.  Just look at those colours, blue, purple, green and gorgeousness!

So there you have it, just a few pairs of earrings from my doublet obsession!  Did I mention that I recently got into Natural stones like Jasper, Agate, and everything in between.  Well thats for my next post, I hope you enjoy reading this and the photographs! xxx






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