Its been so long since my last post

It has been so long since my last post and such a lot has happened since then. We finally finished the house in the UK and that was back in August of 2012! As you know we had decided to move down to Portugal..a bit of a rash decision made 4 years ago when we went down to the Algarve for a holiday! We went back a couple of months later, purchased a 2 bedroom apartment and decided that once the house in the UK was finished we would move down permanently!

The problem was we were always going down to the apartment, then spending two weeks getting over the trip down to Portimao and then trying to get up the motivation to work on the UK house. We would spend a month doing things to the house in the UK and then off back down to the apartment, it was like our little haven..every time we walked into the apartment we would breathe a sigh of relief!

So in August 2010 we decided after getting back from yet another trip down to the Algarve, that we couldn’t go back down until the house was finished! All hell broke loose we just worked our butts off…I repainted and wallpapered every single room in the house, we refinished the oak floor in the living, my partner finished the walls in the guest room and en suite bathroom. We installed the new en suite bathroom, finished the floor in the upstairs bedroom which wasn’t level, putting in a new level floor, installing a new bathroom upstairs. We put in a new oak garage and carport at the back of the garden, added a new front porch to the other side of the house and when all that was finished…I left the house and flew down to Portimao, two days later the cat and dog flew down and my partner flew down 2 days after that. I was completely paranoid about damaging the house and thought the best thing was to get the hell out of there!

I have to tell you that this was drafted in July this year but I just never got around to posting it.  So here we are down in Portimao, Portugal starting another episode of our lives! Was it the right decision who know’s?  Will we ever live in the UK again, again who knows, but I doubt very much not after the whole different story of selling a house in the UK, but until that is finished and to date, 4 months into the process of selling the house the buyers are now living in a caravan and we are no closer to signing contracts than we were when we agreed a price back in early June!

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