RIP My Beautiful Rolo

Hello, I know its been a very long time since I last blogged but I have been really busy with the house restoration and then we went down to Portugal for 3 weeks.

Once we got back my beloved dog Rolo a little neurotic but very old Yorkshire Terrier had to be put to sleep 3 days after we got back from Portimao.  We knew that he was acting a little crazy, staring off into space, licking the floor boards when there was nothing there (the licking thing was the same obsessive behaviour every night in exactly the same spot).  Well anyway he had a couple of seizures over 16 hours and was in such a terrible state, peeing on the floor and then rushing to the door, not knowing his own name, looking at me but not knowing who I was and the seizures were so frightening not only for us but for him too. So when we had ruled out with the vet that it wasn’t epilepsy or an infection she thought that it must be a brain tumour and so we took the decision to put him to sleep.  I cant tell you how I felt because even today it makes me cry just typing about him.  I adored that little dog because of his little idiosycrasies. He was very focal not like Sarah our Westie, she doesnt talk at all or bark much. He would start his yakking and wouldn’t stop and if you joined in he would go on for ages.  He loved a good walk but didn’t like wet grass and would walk on wet grass like he was stepping in dog poo!

So it was with a very sad heart that we took him to the vets and she recommended we put him to sleep, we didn’t want to leave it like we had with one of our other dogs…Winnie our Jack Russell!  We should have her put to sleep a long time before we did make the decision, it was the worst decision I have ever had to make and so when I had to make the same decision for Rolo it just about broke my heart…I adored that little man dog….he was the funniest sweetest little man dog you could ever wish to come across! I know it sounds weird but we had him cremated and we brought him down to Portugal with us because I couldn’t bear to leave him in the garden in the UK in case someone unintentionally dug him up!  So Rolo finally made it to Portugal!  RIP Rolo my sweet dog friend 1997 -2011 xx



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