Gemstones and Painting

Well yesterday the gemstones I had purchased from a seller in the USA finally arrived and with them came a lovely bill from customs and that was a really nice start to the day. Luckily it doesn’t happen very often and the gemstones more than made up for the fees. The seller is perhaps the best seller I have ever purchased gemstones from. She is always honest in her descriptions and mentions any faults, chips, rubbing or scratches and that’s perfect because I do hate surprises and I have found it’s rather hit and miss when you are buying gemstones.

There are so many sellers out there who don’t tell you if the drill holes are damaged or if the gemstones have rubbed areas where they have been packed close together and I have purchased so many gemstones that are completely unusable because of their lack of honesty.

So I went a bit mad and purchased the most beautiful dark pinky red Topaz in a really nice size, a pair of sky blue topaz with fantastic facets and colouring, hints of lilac would you believe. My most favourite has to be the largest Citrine I have ever seen in a long triangle shape with a smaller triangle at the bottom. The facets rather than being over the whole stone run down the stone and its fabulous, so fabulous in fact I’ve a mind to keep it myself. Some tiny green Topaz rondelles, tiny micro faceted Carnelian rondelles, green mystic quartz cubes and a beautiful Madeira Citrine briolette. All the stones are eye clean AAAA quality; so as you can imagine I cant wait to start working with them.

Today we have been working on the house again, this kitchen is such a big job, it’s taken us 9 months just to get this far and we are on the last leg. Painting the walls and the mist coat..the dreaded mist coat which is for anyone who doesn’t know the 50-50 water and emulsion to seal the plaster and its horrible to paint with it! It get everywhere, down your arms, in your hair, in your eyes, on your face, you just get completely splattered with it. Today I started painting at 9.30 and didn’t get finished the walls with the mist coat and the first coat of paint until 6pm this evening, but I have to say its looking fantastic. We were thinking of putting colour on the walls but to be honest I am so happy with the white that I am leaving it white to give it that country kitchen look. So now I’m cream crackered as they say. Tomorrow we start again only this time I have to paint the ceiling. Thank heavens I only have to paint for the next two days and then the majority of the painting in the kitchen will be over, I can’t wait!

So now I am going to put my feet up for the night, hopefully there wont be anymore snow in the night because its been snowing here all day off and on, very early the snow is this year normally we don’t get it until closer to Christmas…still that’s global warming for ya..haha

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